SD Cards

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  1. Pro SDHC Class 10 – 8 to 32GB

    Pro SDHC Class 10 – 8 to 32GB

    Duracell ProPhoto SDHC cards optimize write performance to ensure that you capture more hi-resolution digital images and digital video. Available in the highest possible speed class, currently Class 10, these cards can transfer image files from camera to card at an impressive minimum write speed of 10 MB/s. Current capacities include 8, 16 and 32GB.

  2. Pro SDXC – 64 to 256GB

    Pro SDXC – 64 to 256GB

    Duracell SDXC cards provide large storage capacities for HD video recording (64GB and up). Optimized for high-resolution digital cameras and HD camcorders. With read speeds up to 60 MB/s and write speeds up to 35 MB/s, you can now archive and share your precious memories with the newest generation SD cards available in the market.

  3. Standard SDHC – 4 to 32GB

    Standard SDHC – 4 to 32GB

    SDHC Class 4 cards from Duracell Flash meet your needs to capture any moment under any conditions like a pro.Current capacities include 4 to 32GB.

3 Item(s)