Card Readers

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  1. 15-in-1 Card Reader

    15-in-1 Card Reader

    The Duracell 15-in-1 USB Card Reader is an easy-to-use, all-in-one file transfer solution. The reader enables concurrent downloads and card-to-card file transfer. Outfitted with four card slots, this solution supports all major card formats. Its sleek rectangular design make this a great choice for easy transfer of files between your digital camera, MP3 player, mobile phone, and computer.

  2. 6-in-1 Card Reader

    6-in-1 Card Reader

    Moving your music, video, photos and personal data between your mobile phone and your PC is fast and convenient with the compact Duracell Memory Card Reader. Designed to compliment memory-enabled mobile phone users, flash memory cards can be plugged directly into the reader for fast file movement between your phone and your PC.

2 Item(s)